About Us

The future of debt collection

Our story

After years of experience in the financial field, we have realized that the technology transformation we are experiencing nowadays, has passed-by the area of debt collection.

Today, debt collection is done through phone calls and emails. These methods are old-fashioned. They are time consuming, come with a substantial cost and have no organized tracking methods.

For these reasons, we bring an advanced solution to this area. We aim to show that the process of debt collection can be done in a much more respectful and efficient manner.

Instead of an unpleasant and cumbersome experience to both the person in-debt and the company, we have developed a digital platform that, on the one hand, allows the company to efficiently 

Manage the collection process and thus save the company’s resources, and on the other hand, make the communication with the person in-debt much more efficient and pleasant.

Our team

The Faces Behind our Success

Keren Smadja


Executive level experience in FinTech, payment processing, product management, treasury and collection.

Ofer Elovich


Seasoned entrepreneur and founder of two successful companies. Specializes in business strategy & operations.

Ram Oz


Experienced technical manager & entrepreneur. Engineer, BSc. Vast experience in leading & mentoring R&D teams & FinTech development.

Yariv Yanay

Former senior in insurance and technology companies.
Business development consultant with 20 years of experience in management, marketing and sales for companies in Israel and around the world.

Dr. Danny Eizicovits

AI specialist

Phd in Robotics and Smart Systems, Serial entrepreneur. Experience in all C-level positions (CEO, CTO, VP Sales). 10 years of leading R&D teams.

Ayala Eylath


Branding and user experience expert. 15 years of experience in leading local and global brands and product design.

Advisory Board

Tomer Geller

Certified Public Accountant (CPA), B.A. in Accounting and Business Administration and MBA in Financial Management, Tel- Aviv University with 11 years of experience as a CPA at leading firms.

Hadas Shpaner

18 years of experience in Banking, Finance and Technology. Extensive experience in managing cross organizational processes. Formerly, Bank Leumi IT portfolio  Manager, responsible for over 1.5 billion NIS budget for a year. Several years experience engaging  investors to opportunities in  banking and Bio-Tech technologies and investments.

Prof. Ilan Alon

Ilan Alon (PhD, Kent State University, USA) is consultant, author and professor of economics and business at Ariel University (Israel) and University of Agder (Norway). Among his specialties are international business development, international marketing and crypto economics.  Alon has consulted multinational companies (such as Disney, Darden and illy), government agencies (such as USAID, City of Orlando, and Croatia), and universities around the world on these topics.

are you ready to collect?

By loading a simple file to WiserPay platform, or a simple integration with the existing ERP, your business gets a smoothly run debt collection process.